Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2023-24

The Parish Council has now completed its Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the 2023/24 financial year-end.

Following an Internal Audit and the approval of the Governance and Accounting Statements by a meeting of the Parish Council, the following documents are now available to view:

Certificate of Exemption
Internal Auditor’s Report 2023/24
Annual Governance Statement 2023/24
Annual Accounting Statement 2023/24

As the Parish Council’s income or expenditure is below £25,000, it can certify itself as exempt from an External Audit.

A Notice of Public Rights has now been published which allows members of the public an opportunity to examine the above documents and any other financial correspondence, statements or invoices that the Parish Council has on record.

To view dates for the Notice of Public Rights, please click here.

To make an appointment to examine any financial documents, please contact the Clerk on 07816 986 956 or email [email protected]