Darley bridge VAS Update

Update from DCC on the Vehicle Activated Sign system planned for Darley bridge: “The VAS posts are due to arrive with us by 19/10/2023 at the latest. We have been pressing the manufacturer for an earlier date and even offered to collect them from their Holmewood factory as soon as they’re available instead of waiting for a delivery. Once we have the columns we can look at getting them booked into our contractor’s programme for installation. All being well, this could be by the end of October based on a 19th October delivery. Once the new columns are in place, the sign manufacturer can programme the installation of the signs and co-ordinate this with the installation of the detection cameras. We believe they currently have a 6 week lead time. This may take us into the Christmas road works moratorium, so, we may be looking at early in the New Year for all the equipment to be in place.”