Oker Road DCC Update

Major repairs to a landslip which caused the closure of Oker Road, near Darley Bridge, started wb 7th August for up to 15 weeks, subject to weather conditions.

The road was closed for safety reasons in January 2021, following a long period of heavy rainfall which caused the land to the south of the road to slip, undermining and badly cracking the surface of Oker Road.

Records show that the land in the area, known as the Will Shores Slip, is prone to subsidence with the first repairs being undertaken in the mid-1980s.

The £300,000 repair programme will involve installing drainage to intercept and redirect groundwater in the area to prevent future landslips.

Work will also be carried out to improve the support for the new road surface.

The repairs also include resurfacing Oker Road following damage caused by the landslip. Once completed, the road will reopen to two-way traffic.

The existing diversion route at Oker Road will remain in place during the works as follows: Oker Road, Snitterton Road, Matlock Spa Road, A6 Derwent Way, A6 Bakewell Road, A6 Dale Road South, Old Road, B5057 Main Road, B5057 Eversleigh Rise, Oker Road.

Derbyshire County Council