Boundary changes

At the meeting of the Council of Derbyshire Dales yesterday evening, it was unanimously agreed that a Community Governance Order be made to alter parish boundaries so as to move the new properties in the Matlock Spa development into Matlock Town parish, leaving Oker and Snitterton in South Darley parish. This proposal was initiated by South Darley Parish council with the support of Matlock Town council.

It was also unanimously resolved that the District Council make representations to the Local Government Boundary Commission asking them to reconsider their decision to include Oker and Snitterton in the new Matlock West District Ward. If this request is agreed, which is by no means certain, the hope would be to amend the boundaries of this District Ward to reflect the revised parish boundaries.

The parish council is very grateful for the unstinting support of Derbyshire Dales councillors Colin Swindell and Susan Hobson who have both worked hard to bring about this outcome.

Thank you to to all those residents who took the time and trouble to respond to the various parish polls and district council consultations. It was abundantly clear that Derbyshire Dales District Council was keen to understand and act in accordance with the reasoned wishes of the residents of South Darley. The very many thoughtful responses received clearly had a strong influence on the decisions reached.

More detail on the decisions can be found here, under item 11: