Defibrillator (AED) locations

There are four defibrillators located across the parish, in:
– Cross Green
– Darley Bridge
– Snitterton
– Wensley. 

See exact locations and details below.

Cross Green: South Darley Village Hall

Cross Green, Darley Bridge, DE4 2JT

On the front of the building.

No code required.

South Darley village hall

Darley Bridge: BJ Waters Transport Ltd

Bridge Garage, Main Road, Darley Bridge, DE4 2JY

Ring 999 and give location to obtain code.

Snitterton: Bullring Cottage garage wall

Bullring Cottage (garage wall), Snitterton Road, Snitterton, DE4 2JG

On the front of the garage wall

No code required.

Wensley: Reading Rooms

Main Road, Wensley, DE4 2LH

On the front of the building. 

No code required.

Wensley Reading Rooms