Policy for the Future Allocation of Allotments

South Darley Parish Council leases land at Wenslees, Darley Bridge, from the Diocese of Derby for use by local residents as allotment gardens.  The land is divided into sixteen strips which average 344m2 (411yd2 or 13.6 perches), and which were originally let as individual allotments.  However, some allotment holders have found their plots to be too large, so several have been divided into half.  At present seven of the strips are divided in half, with different allotment holders in each half, while the remaining nine are cultivated by single holders.

An advantage of subdivision is that it enables more people to lease a plot.  The Council has, therefore, resolved that allotments shall normally be leased as half-plots.  Thus there shall be 32 half plots, numbered from 1A to 16B (from East to West), with the As being the front halves and the Bs being the back halves of the strips.

When a plot or half-plot becomes available to be let to a new tenant, the choice of tenant will be in accordance with the following order of priorities:

  1. Residents of South Darley Parish who do not already lease an allotment at Wenslees;
  2. Residents of South Darley Parish who already lease a single half-plot at Wenslees;
  3. Residents of an adjacent parish who do not already lease an allotment anywhere;
  4. Residents of an adjacent parish who already lease a single half-plot at Wenslees but not elsewhere, and
  5. Residents of an adjacent parish* who already lease an allotment elsewhere.

* “An adjacent parish” means one of the parishes of Birchover, Bonsall, Darley Dale Town, Matlock Town, Stanton and Winster.

Within each of the above categories, those who have been on the waiting list for the longest will normally be given the first option.

People wishing to be included on the allotment waiting list will be requested to complete an application form providing place of residence, contact details and details of any other allotments which they lease.

Allotment holders who move to an address outside South Darley or one of the adjacent parishes shall be served with at least twelve months notice to quit.

This revised allotment leasing policy shall be applied from August 2021.  This policy shall not affect existing plot holders, who shall be permitted to retain their tenancies (subject to compliance with the Allotment Agreement).

August 2021